The banking sector is under unprecedented pressure to undertake profound changes in its economic models and return to growth.

Banks are faced with the demand for greater transparency in liquidity and risk management (Basel II, Basel III, IFRS9), with permanent regulatory reforms and with new, strict rules imposed by the European Commission regarding payments (Single European Payments Area - SEPA). They must also satisfy customers who are increasingly demanding and quick to change loyalties.

In this challenging landscape Sopra Steria offers a suite of business line services and the Sopra Banking Software software-package solutions as driving forces in the transformation of the banking sector.

These transformations are occurring in the following major lines of business:

  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Banking data protection
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Performance optimisation
  • Search for new sources of revenue.

Prevailing economic constraints are also forcing banks to increase transaction volumes and reduce back-office costs, notably by introducing shared-speciality centres, as well as credit and payment factories.

The Sopra Banking Software software-package solutions are a key element of this industrialisation.

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