Defence  & Security Industry


National and international security is a hot topic for all nations. Within a tense context marked by an increase in new threats (cyber criminality, terrorism, etc.) and restricted budgets, defence ministries need to gain in efficiency whilst controlling spending.

It is becoming essential to optimise the interoperability and security of operating systems critical for exchanging information in real time.

Drawing on more than 40 years’ experience alongside ministries and administrations, Sopra Steria combines pragmatism and innovation in its solutions for the defence sector.

We help our clients rise to their challenges and deliver efficiency improvements with technology and output-driven solutions:

  • Enabling allied and joint secure interoperability: supporting secure infrastructures and messaging;
  • Administrative performance and global efficiency of armed forces: developing the effectiveness of support functions;
  • Supply Chain Management: improving the efficiency of the military logistics support chain;
  • Operational and Communication Information Systems for reliable operations: improving the performance of military systems, particularly by industrialising testing;
  • Access control at sensitive sites, identity management and biometry: strengthening the efficiency of security at borders and in towns and cities;
  • Command and control: reconciling cost control and the complexity of ensuring compliance