Big Data

Big Data is a reality today. Companies and organisations are increasingly aware of the potential value of their data.

They recognise that it represents an undeniable lever for growth and competitiveness. This raises the question of how best to exploit and enhance this mass of information.

The Sopra Steria Big Data offer covers two complementary fields of activity:

  • Business-line uses to provide value to operations: anticipation of customer needs, analysis of behaviour and feelings, fraud detection and prevention, predictive maintenance, etc.
  • IS architecture and system integration to sustainably embed innovative solutions in the company's information system.

We provide a range of services that yield diverse benefits:

  • We advise our customers so that they identify possible uses for their data and derive maximum benefit from it.
  • The computing power of large "appliance" databases in terms of disk and memory enables clients to dig deep into the links between their different types of information.
  • Use of the Hadoop technology to reconcile structured and unstructured data, and to model knowledge based on this, yields tangible insight.
  • We help clients switch from reactive mode to predictive mode using new algorithmic and analytical tools.
  • Use of new modes for viewing phenomena improves understanding.

As a long-standing player in data governance, Sopra Steria helps its clients optimise the global management of company data and offers both Data Management (MDM/DQM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.