Entreprise architecture solutions

Enterprise Architecture

Our Enterprise Architecture service aims to transform clients’ information systems (ISs) in order to:

  • Accelerate the marketing of new and innovative offers
  • Promote integration and anticipate the provision of new technologies: mobility, connected objects, new interfaces, etc.
  • Promote integration of new uses and anticipate implementation of new technologies: mobile terminals, connected objects, new interfaces Rationalise IS investments with optimised acquisition strategies
  • Support organisational changes (acquisitions, mergers, sales, etc.) by optimising the IT.


Operationally, this Sopra Steria offer will:

  • Clarify the routes for transforming the business lines and what contribution each IS will make to creating vehicles for differentiation: selfcare; application store; new interaction channels; hyperconnectivity, etc.
  • Establish appropriate IS policies: acquisition (e.g. Cloud); decommissioning; exchanges
  • Achieve a real inter-operability capability: global IS architecture that is truly flexible and open, exchange and sharing of secure, valued information 
  • Implement methods to arbitrate: ensure company reference data accessible at all decision levels, compliance of standards anticipate business area changes.


Our approach is based around four areas:

  • Formalising the lines of strategic focus and general IT policies
  • Defining the routes for transforming the IT: master plans, process optimisation, Organise and industrialize business IT and reference guidelines
  • Defining the core components of the IS: exchange systems, frameworks for inter-operability, etc.
  • Initiating and coordinating the transformation of the IT: governance, company reference guidelines accessible at all decision levels and switchover support.