Scientific, Technical, Industrial and embedded software engineering

Users of industrial computer systems must manage the key components of technology, security, innovation, cost control and ever shorter lead times.

The Sopra Steria Scientific, Technical, Industrial and On-board offering provides engineering markets with intensive software products, real-time systems, and on-board and supervision software. This is primarily targeted at the aerospace, aviation, marine and nuclear industries, but is also relevant for all high-technology industries.

With nearly 1,000 specialists, we support our clients from the upstream engineering phases to development of critical-software systems. We ensure their through-life maintenance in operational conditions (MOC).

This is a mission made possible by strong business-line, functional and technological skills in:

  • Simulation and testing
  • Supervision and remote operation
  • On-board software and critical real-time systems
  • Connected objects, electronics and radar signal processing
  • Telecoms and on-board networks.


These skills are supported by specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Aerospace systems (energy, cockpit, flight control, positioning, altimetry, flight training and control centres)
  • Air-traffic management and control
  • Implementation of testing methods
  • Acoustic signature of naval ships
  • Combat system, sonar and radar processing, neutronics and thermodynamics
  • Scientific computing
  • Operating safety (DO178, DO200, nuclear, etc.)
  • Cyber security


We are committed to quality and safety:

  • Partnership with the leading publishers: Esterel/SCADE, Telelogic/Synergy and DOORS, TNI/Reqtify, Mercury/Test Director, Matlab/Simulink, Qt, Ilog, CAST, etc.
  • Defence secrecy level approved premises, with specialised optical fibre links with our main customers